About Analytic Integrity

Analytic experience and business integrity

About Analytic Integrity

Welcome to Analytic Integrity. Since you are most likely visiting this page out of curiosity, let’s start with answering the question(s)…

Why “Analytic Integrity” – how did you come up with that name?

First, I’ll start by thanking my family, current and past clients and business friends, and several tennis buddies who were more than willing to offer an opinion on several of the prospective names and logos. I seem to have no shortage of people, who speak with humorous candor, in my life!

I needed a company name that conveys what I’ve tried to uphold through a career spanning 27 years:

1. Analytic

Analytics is one of the top buzzwords in business today, and the company name was almost “Analytics Integrity”. However, “analytics” frequently becomes interchangeable with data visualizations or perhaps predictive models. The word “analytic” is actually synonymous with “analytical” as well as investigative, rational, thorough, logical, organized, problem-solving, and questioning. Analytic is so much more than a pretty picture!

To be successfully analytic, you need to start with asking the right questions:

    1. Why am I pursuing an “analytics” solution?
    2. What problem(s) am I trying to solve?
    3. What does my organization gain – or not lose – by solving these problems?
    4. Do I have executive sponsorship, and corresponding budget and reasonable timeline, to pursue solving these problems?
    5. Who, within my organization, might have answers to some of my questions?
    6. Do these people have access to data that supports their answers to my questions?
    7. Will I “believe” the answers (is the data credible)?
    8. Will I act upon the answers to truly become an enlightened, data-driven organization…even if it means changing time-honored company processes (or lack of processes) for consistent results?

Once you are asking the right questions, you can take an organized (agile) approach to implementing elegant, dynamic, and credible solutions.

2. Integrity

Speaking of credible data-driven solutions, believability starts with data integrity. Call it “one version of the truth”, but you have to ensure that the one version of the truth is RIGHT! Data needs to be accurate, and the definition of that data must be consistent throughout the organization. It is a happy coincidence that integrity worked out in the company name for a company that will focus on “all things data” and data integrity.

However, I wanted “Integrity” in my company name from the moment I decided to start a company. In fact, my wife recently remarked that Integrity acts as the foundation of Analytic in the new company logo! In these days of the modern age consultant – with embellished resumes, fake phone interviews, and come-in-late-leave-early entitled attitudes – I want to tally a win for the good guys! A mashup of one of my favorite quotes is the following:

“Character is doing what is right. Integrity is doing what is right when nobody is looking.” 

Analytic Integrity will be known for high technical competence, strong work ethic, and exceptional accountability that is unchanging regardless of whether we are working in the office next to you…or 1,000 miles away.

If an analytic approach and those high-integrity consultant traits are appealing to you, then you’ve come to the right place. Now let’s start a conversation about your organization’s situation and objectives.

Welcome – to Analytic Integrity!