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Hello players and families! I love sports and have been playing since I was a young child. Team sports I started with include baseball, street football, basketball, softball, field hockey, golf, soccer and finally tennis, racquetball and most recently pickleball In college I continued softball and soccer. Then Coach Brian introduced me to Tennis after we married. I am a 4.0 USTA player who enjoys social play, leagues and tournaments. I have enjoyed playing as a competitive 4.0 player for 20+ years. In 2018 my women’s 4.0 18+ team went to districts, sectionals and Nationals. What a great experience! We have fun when we travel for vacation or visits with family or friends by getting outside in the fresh air and playing tennis. You just need your racquets and a can of balls! I have worked with kids in many roles at home, in homeschool groups, at church (birth through middle school age kids), in the community as a soccer coach for middle schoolers, and most recently young kids, beginner teens and adults for tennis.

What Clients Are Saying – Testimonials

Gautam B. - August 11, 2023

I am delighted to share my heartfelt appreciation for Coach Krista, who has been an incredible mentor and coach for my 9-year-old daughter.

From the very first day, Coach Krista has demonstrated exceptional tennis coaching skills, but what truly sets her apart is her kind nature and ability to connect with young athletes.

Coach Krista has been instrumental in nurturing my daughter’s newfound passion for tennis. Despite knowing nothing about the sport initially, my daughter has made remarkable progress under her guidance.

Krista possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise, which she imparts with patience and enthusiasm. Her coaching techniques are age-appropriate, ensuring that my daughter feels comfortable and motivated to improve her skills.

What truly stands out is Krista’s warm and supportive nature. As a seasoned tennis coach and a loving person, she has a unique ability to create a nurturing environment where children feel valued and encouraged. She understands each child’s individual needs and tailors her coaching style accordingly.

My daughter has developed a strong bond with Coach Krista, and it’s evident in the way she looks forward to every session. Coach Krista goes beyond teaching tennis; she also serves as a positive role model for young athletes. Her genuine care and concern for her students extend far beyond the court. She instills important values such as sportsmanship, resilience, and teamwork, fostering an environment that not only promotes skill development but also personal growth.

I am incredibly grateful for Coach Krista’s influence on my daughter. Not only has she helped her become a better tennis player, but she has also had a profound impact on her confidence and self-belief.

In summary, I wholeheartedly recommend Coach Krista as a tennis coach for young athletes. Her exceptional tennis skills, coupled with her kind and nurturing nature, make her an ideal coach for children like my daughter. We are incredibly fortunate to have found such a remarkable coach who not only teaches the sport but also leaves a lasting positive influence on young minds.

Thank you, Coach Krista, for being an inspiration and guiding light for my daughter’s tennis journey!

Kristin B. - July 17, 2023

I had the joy of taking Krista’s introductory Pickleball session! She is a gifted coach with the innate ability to communicate clearly, offer strategy and form suggestions, and have fun at the same time! I highly recommend Krista as an instructor.

Catherine M. - July 10, 2023

We just had our first pickleball lesson with Krista. Our group of four players with varying degrees of experience brought out her truly expert teaching skills. Our group included an experienced pickleball player, a 3.5 men’s tennis player, someone needing a refresher, and a completely new player. She handled our differing levels beautifully and we had a wonderful time. We even stayed after she left and were able to play and score easily.

Krista is friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and thorough. She also makes learning the game fun. We are so glad we went with her for an introduction to our new favorite pastime. I can’t imagine just watching a video and winging it.

Krista’s in-person instruction and attention to the details of game flow, scoring, positioning, technique, strokes & strategy have started us off right. Can hardly wait to get more practice and enlist Krista’s help refining our skills. Could not recommend Krista more highly.

Patrick G. - July 25, 2022

Krista is an amazing coach, working with my wife, daughter, and neighbors. All have nothing but great things to say about her patience, teaching skills, and expertise. If you are looking for an amazing tennis coach look no further!

Jeanne L. - July 10, 2023

Hi Krista,

Thank you SO much for the lesson today! It was great fun and your incredible coaching and teaching styles were enjoyable and invaluable! I really enjoyed meeting you and greatly appreciate benefitting from your trained eye and experience.

Thank you for taking the time to make our day fabulous and our pickleball play fun and educational!

Tennis Coaching – Areas Of Focus

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My journey to become a tennis instructor

From RN to Tennis Instructor

My previous employment was as a Registered Nurse. I am passionate about Health and Wellness (Coach Brian is a certified personal trainer and health and nutrition coach), and I wanted to promote healthy lifestyle choices that includes movement.Tennis is one of the best activities to reduce all-cause mortality because it leverages the body and the mind! With kids 12 and under – and previously sedentary adults – I focus on agility, coordination, balance, catching, throwing, grip basics and stroke basics to promote healthy body movement and flexibility. Strength and stamina come with more play and practice. I incorporate skills, drills and games for a fun learning experience. You may see colorful lines, cones, balls, and hula hoops during a session. Healthy living includes socializing, laughing, moving and sunshine to balance our busy lives.

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I look forward to sharing tennis, a sport I am very passionate about playing and teaching! I also now offer pickleball as a certified pickleball professional! So fun😁🎾 Let me help you! Please contact me with any questions you have about me or the services I am offering.

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